Product Details:

Input TypeAC Voltage, AC Current, Temperature, Analogue Transducer, Dry contact
Voltage (V)100 – 265V AC 50/60 Hz
Number of Inputs16 input channels (Sampling – 1 sec to 3600 sec programmable)
ApplicationLogging of Electrical, Power, Cold Storage & HVAC equipments
Channels4 x Voltage, 3 x Current, 2 x Temperature, 2 x Analogue, 5 x Dry contacts
Memory2 GB external USB flash drive
SoftwareFree PC software for analysis and report generation

RPM-16-4-3 digital electric process recorder is used for:

  • Measuring the actual alternating voltage value
  • Measuring the actual alternating current value
  • Measuring the temperature
  • Receiving data from primary transformers with a standard current or voltage input
  • Storing the measured values in an external medium, such as USB-FLASH
  • The register is a 16-channel data collection system that allows data archiving in an external medium
  • The unit has plastic housing and is installed on a standard DIN-rail

The operating principle of the register is based on reading the values from all sensors, accumulating the data in its internal memory and writing it to an external medium via an integrated USB-port. A text editor or Reg_RPM software can be used to view the data as diagrams.

Channel Distribution:

  • Voltage measurement – 4 channels
  • Current measurement – 3 channels
  • Temperature measurement – 2 channels
  • Differential input for DC voltage measurement (0 – 10V) – 1 channel
  • Standard input for DC current meaasurement (0 – 20mA) – 1 channel
  • Standard input for digital signal (binary) – 5 channels

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: RPM-16-4-3


Rated input power supply voltage, V100 – 265
Reserve power supply voltage, V

AC – 9 … 15,

DC – 9 … 15

Rated power supply frequency, Hz45  65
Acting AC voltage measurement range, V per phasefrom 1 to 400
Acting AC current measurement range, A per phasefrom 0 to 1000*
Standard sensor with current output, mА  0…20 or 4…20
Standard sensor with voltage output, V  0…10
Frequency of measured voltage, Hz45 … 65
Rated frequency for the current transformers, Hz50
Temperature measurement range, ºCfrom –30 to +79
Voltage measurement accuracy, %2
Current measurement accuracy from maximal significant value, %3
Accuracy of temperature measurement, %2
Sampling rate for all sensors, 1/sec1..3600**
Number of voltage measurement channels4
Number of current measurement channels3
Number of temperature measurement channels2
Number of channels having standard current input1
Number of channels having standard voltage input1
Number of digital input channels5
Type of voltage sensing channelsDifferential input
Temperature sensor typeNTC
Current sensor typeStandard current transformer with 5A output.
Type of digital channelsKindly see Figure 2.24
External storage deviceUSB-Flash drive
Maximal volume of USB Flash-Drive2 GByte
File systemFAT-16
Data file storage formatText file with “txt” extension
Volume/Time ratio for all 16 channels at sampling rate 1/sec≈ 550 Kb/hour***
Maximal file size TEST_XXX****, MB16
Built-in clocks accuracy at +25°С, not worse than, sec/day1
Operational temperature range, °Сfrom 0 to +55
Storage temperature, °Сfrom – 30 to +70
Weight, kg0.5
Outer dimensions, mm157 х 85 х 55
Mounting using standard 35 mm DIN rail 

* – rated measured current depend on the type of current measuring transformer and could be chosen in the following range: 10; 20; 30; 40; 50; 75; 100; 150; 200; 300; 400; 600; 800; 1000 (see

** – Sampling rate frequency is user defined and may be from 1 to 3600 sec depending on user demands (see section

*** Depends on the number of selected channels (see section and Sampling Rate value (see section

**** XXX – number or text file (see section 2.2.1.).