Microcontroller based multi-functional solutions for smart Industrial applications and monitoring

Robust Working Condition

Work at temperature range of minus 35°C to plus 55°C

Research & Development

Are developed and updated by
a team of more than 20 engineers

Technological Advantage

Use microcontrollers & SoCs of world’s leading manufacturers

Testing & Calibration

Are tested at the full-load conditions from 8 to 48 hours after calibration

Upgradation & Customization

Can be upgraded & customized on client’s request for large quantities

Availability & Deliverability

Are kept ready in stock, for fastest possible delivery through partners

Novatek India

Get the gear that never gives up

Novatek Electro is specializing in development and subsequent manufacturing, implementation of Programmable Power ElectronicsInstrumentation or so called General purpose and Special purpose Intelligent Electronic Machines (IGM’s). This kind of electronics finds application in producing next generation switching & protection devices,  apparatus for monitoringcontrol and metering, protective relaying devices and automatic equipmentstechnology controllers, etc.

Product Categories

Single phase voltage relays

Single Phase Voltage Relays

Single-phase voltage relays are designed to protect single-phase loads from mains voltage unacceptable fluctuations & neutral break conditions.

Astronomical Timers

Astronomical & Programmable Timers

Programmable devices designed to energize/de-energize one or two loads within user set time intervals based on astronomical logic, yearly & weekly timer logic.

Power & Demand Controllers

Overload Relays & Power Controllers

Single and Three phase power controllers are meant for effective power management, demand controlling and current overload protection.

Interface Controllers for IOT

Interface Controllers & Protocol Convertors

Interface controllers like smart-relays allows users to process digital and analog input signals, as well as logic functions and timer modules. They are ideal for IoT applications.

Three phase voltage relays

Three Phase Voltage Relays

Used to protect three-phase loads from unacceptable voltage fluctuations, phase failure, phase imbalance and phase sequence disruption.

Time Delay Relays

Multifunction Time Delay Relays

Multifunctional Time Delay Relays or make time relays are designed to switch alternate and direct current electric circuits with an adjustable time delay.

PQA & Data Logger RPM-416

Power Analyzers & Data Logger

Power Quality Analyzers and Data Loggers are devices intended for electrical parameters monitoring on the display and logging in external storage.


IoT based Automation Solutions

Pioneers in the industry, we offer ready to use industrial control, protection and automation solutions for applications like street light automation, etc.

Automatic Phase Selectors

Automatic Phase Selectors

Designed to supply industrial and household single-phase loads of 220 V/50 Hz from a three-phase four-wire incoming to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Motor Protection Relays

Motor Protection Relays & Devices

Motor Protection Devices with Numeric Relay Functions for LT motors are designed for continuous monitoring of three phase equipment operation parameters.

Digital Temperature Controllers

Digital Temperature Controllers

Digital Temperature Controllers are designed to protect Dry type transformers from un-allowable temperature rise, PID controlling of thermal equipment, etc.

Digital Input-Output Modules

Digital I/O modules are intended for working with various sensors and preconfigured program. They work in tandem with Interface Controllers

Novatek Electro products and services are used in 4 continents in more than 40 countries arround the globe. If there are any queries please feel free to contact our technical support

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