Product Details:

TypeNumeric, Multi-functional
Digit Display SizeDual LED display
Voltage TypeAC
Voltage (V)380 – 415 V
Number of Poles3 Pole, 4 Pole
Current (Power) Range5A – 800A (2.5kW – 450 kW)
ApplicationOver Current Protection, Earth Leakage Protection, Power Monitoring and Demand Controlling
Contact FormProgrammable – 1 x SPDT (1NO + 1 NC) & Power – 1 x DPDT (2NO + 2NC)
Output TypePotential Free

OM-310 Numeric Power Management System is used for:

  • Power Monitoring
  • Demand Controlling
  • Generator protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Complete load rejection when the power consumption exceeds the main threshold for a user-set time
  • Partial load rejection when the power consumption exceeds the main threshold for a user-set time
  • Measurement and indication of three-phase electric circut parameters (active values of phase and line voltages)
  • Positive, negative and zero phase sequence voltages; active phase current values; active, reactive and full power load consumption, power factor
  • Emergency signaling
  • Remote monitoring and load activation/deactivation via the RS-232/RS485 interface or external switch

The device allows working with a load of 2.5 – 30 kW with the use of integrated current transformers, and with a load of up to 450 kW with the use of external current transformers, including in networks with an insulated neutral.

We offers the consumer the following protection types:

  • Low-quality network voltage (unacceptable power surges, phase breaks, phase sequence disruption, phase/line voltage distortion)
  • Current exceeding the maximum allowed value on any of the load phases
  • Ground leakage currents
  • Automated reclosing can be allowed or forbidden for each type of protection
  • Electric equipment is protected by means of controlling the magnetic starter coil (contactor)

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: OM-310
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

General Information:

Purpose of deviceControl and distribution equipment.
Assembly (mounting) typeAssembly (mounting) type
Enclosure protection degreeIP10
Climate zone versionNC3.1
Pollution degreeIII
Overvoltage categoryIII
Wires cross section of adapters on terminals, mm20.5-2
Torque of terminal screws, Nm0.4
The maximum diameter of a wire when using internal current transformers, mm12

Basic Technical Parameters:

Rated supply voltage: AC Three-phase, V, 50Hz380 – 415
Mains frequency, Hz48-62
Rated load wattage range (during operation with use of integrated current transformers), kW3-30
Tripping threshold accuracy for wattage, % of rated wattage, at most5
Tripping threshold accuracy for current, % of rated current, at most2
Tripping threshold accuracy for voltage, V, at most3
Phase imbalance detection accuracy for voltage, V, at most3

Minimum operational voltage:

-single-phase voltage power supply when one phase and neutral wires are connected, V, not less

– three-phase power supply voltage, V, at most



Analog inputs

– remote switch connection input

– three analog inputs for connecting standard CT with 5A output (of Т-0.66 type or similar)

– input for connecting differential current transformer (zero sequence transformer)


Main outputs

load relay – two groups of changeover contacts -8A 250V cos φ=1;

characterizing relay – one group of changeover contacts -16A 250V at cos φ=1 (the relay function is assigned by the user);

Power consumption (under load), VA, at most5.0
Weight, kg, at most0.5

Case dimensions (diagram 1.1) – nine S-type modules

Mounting onto standard 35 mm DIN-rail

Mounting position any

Output terminals of relays:


Max. current for U~ 250 V

Number of trips


Max switching power, VАMax sustained safe AC/DC voltageMax. current for
U = 30V D.C.

Load relay

Cos ф  = 0.4

Cos ф  = 1.0

2 А

8 А





440/125 V

1.3 А

Programmable relay

Cos ф  = 0.4

Cos ф  = 1.0

5 А

16 А





440/125 V

3 А

OM-310 complies with requirements of IEC 60947-1, ІEC 60947-6-2, CISPR 11, IEC 61000-4-2.

No harmful substances in excess of the maximum permissible concentration is available.