Product Details:

Voltage TypeAC
Voltage (V)220 – 240
Logic3 Phase input and Single (best) phase output
ApplicationHealthy phase selection, Uninterrupted power supply to load
Current (Amps)16A direct and any load through contactors
Contact Form3 x SPDT  Relays
SwitchingUnder voltage, Over voltage, Phase loss

PEF-301 universal automatic electronic phase switch is designed to supply industrial and household appliance single phase 220 –  230V/50Hz loads from three-phase four-wire mains 3×380+N with the purpose of maintaining uninterrupted power supply of essential single-phase loads and protect them against unallowable voltage variations in the mains.

Depending on voltage presence and voltage quality on phases, the PEF-301 will automatically select the optimal phase and promptly switch the single phase load supply of any wattage to this phase:

  • Loads of wattage up to 3 kW (up to 16A) get power supply directly from PEF-301
  • When wattage exceeds 3 kW (16A), PEF-301 phase switch will control the magnetic contactors (MC) coils of corresponding wattage.

Documentation for this device

Output Voltage:220 – 240 V AC

Application:Selection of best phase among 3 phase input, swichover to live phase in case of phase cut

Power Factor:1

Input Voltage:220 – 415 V AC

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: PEF-301
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India
Nominal Phase Voltage, V220 – 240
Mains frequency, Hz45-55
Harmonical configuration (nonsinusoidality) of power supply voltageEN 61000-3-2 (IEC 1000-3-2)
Trip threshold for Umin, V160-220
Trip threshold for Umax, V230-280
Adjustable reset delay, Ton, s1-600
Return delay range to the priority phase, Tr, (5—200), spresent
Return delay range to the priority phase, Tr, (200 — ∞), sabsent
Fixed switch (de-energization) delay for Umin, s12
Switch delay to reserve phases, s, not more than0.2
Voltage hysteresis, V5 – 7
Accuracy, V±3
Maximum switched current of output contacts, А, no less than16
Operating phase voltage, V400
Transient withstand, V450
Power consumption (under load), W, not more than1.0
Protection class against electric shockII
Permissible contamination levelII
Overvoltage categoryII
Nominal impulse withstanding voltage, kV4
Nominal voltage of isolation, V450

Life of output contacts:

  • under load 16 A , operations, no less than
  • under load 5 A , operations, not more than
100 000
1 mln.
Cross section of wires of connection terminals, mm²0.5-2
Maximal tightening torque of terminals external screws, N*m0.4
Operating temperature, °Cfrom -35 to +55
Weight, no more than, kg0.200
Mounting 35 mm DIN-rail
Mounting position arbitrary

PEF-301 complies with requirements:

IEC 60947-1:2004, ІDТ; ІEC 60947-6-2:1992, ІDT; CISPR 11:2004, IDT; IEC 61000-4-2:2001, IDT.