Product Details:

Voltage (V)220 – 240V AC 50/60 Hz
Number of Poles1 Pole, 1 channel
ApplicationOn delay, Off delay, Cyclic timer, Pulse timer
Current (Amps)6A
Time Range10 selectable time range, 0.1 sec to 10 days
Contact FormSPDT (2NO + 2NC)
Coil TypePotential free, SPDT

Multifunction Time delay relay REV-114 is the microprocessor-based device intended to control the load with independent time delay. It provides the certain sequence of the load operation according to the mode specified by the user.

REV-114 is equipped with control buttons and a digital display designed for adjustment and visual check of timing.

REV-114 can be operated by seventeen operation logics/algorithms:

  • on-delay;
  • time delay when energizing;
  • periodic with on-delay;
  • periodic with time delay when energizing;
  • pulse generator;
  • on-delay with external start;
  • off delay with external start;
  • pulse I with external start;
  • pulse II with external start;
  • on/off delay with external start;
  • pitch of the load relay (during each control contact closing);
  • periodic with external start and on-delay;
  • periodic with external start and time delay when energizing;
  • pulse generator with external start;
  • start stop;
  • always ON;
  • always OFF.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: REV-114
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Basic Specifications:

Operating supply voltage, V:230 / 240
Frequency of supply mains, Hz45 – 62
Voltage at which service capability is maintained, V185 – 280
Permissible harmonic configuration (un-sinusoidality) of power supply voltage EN 50160
Readiness time when energizing, s, no more than0.4
Accuracy of time setting holding, %, no less than0.5
Number of operation algorithms17
Adjustment range of timefrom 0.1 s to 10 days
Timing adjustmentButtons on the front panel
Digit display of remaining timeavailable
Service of the productSwitchgear and control gear
Rated operating conditionContinuous
Type and quantity of contacts (switching)2
Climatic design versionNC 3.1
Protection rating of caseІР40
Protection rating of terminal boxІР20

Commutation lifetime of output contacts if cosj=1:

– under load of 6 А, time, no less than

– under load of 1 А, time, no less than

100 000

1 000 000

Power consumption (under load), W, no more than0.5
Permissible contamination levelII
Overvoltage categoryII
Electric shock protection classII
Rated insulation voltage, V450
Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV2.5
Wire cross-section for connection to terminals, mm²0.5 – 2
Tightening torque of terminal screws, N*m0.4
Weight, kg, not more0.150
Overall dimensions, H x D x L, mm90 x 18 x 65
Product installation (mounting) is on standard 35mm DIN rail
The product remains functional at any position in space
Case material is self-extinguishing plastic

Specifications of output contacts of the load relay:

сos ф

Max. current at U~250 V, АMax. switching power, VAMax. permissible continuous AC voltage, VMax. current at UDC=28 V, A


Adjustment range of time is divided into 10 subranges:

0.1 … 1 s
1 … 10 s
6 s … 1 min
1 … 10 min
6 min … 1 h
1 … 10 h
0.1 … 1 day
1 … 10 day
Continuously ON
Continuously OFF

REV-114 meets the requirements of the following:

IEC 60947-1 (Low-voltage switchgear; Part 1. General rules);

ІEC 60947-6-2 (Low-voltage circuit breaker and controller; Part 6-2; multifunctional equipment; Control and safety switching equipment);

CISPR 11 (Electromagnetic compatibility; Industrial, scientific and medical RF equipment; electromagnetic interference characteristics; standards and measuring procedure);

IEC 61000-4-2 (Electromagnetic compatibility; Part 4-2; Testing and measurement techniques; Electrostatic discharge immunity test).

Harmful substances in amounts exceeding maximum permissible concentrations are not available.