Product Details:

Display TypeDigital – backlit graphical LCD
Current16A per Channel
Voltage220 – 240V AC & 9 – 24V DC
Channels2 Channels, independent and combined operation
Power/Voltage (V)3.5 kW per channel
Events/Program5000 events spread over 8 selectable preset programs
Usage/ApplicationAstronomical Time Switch, Lighting System Smart Control, Street Light Automation, Indoor and Outdoor Lightng Automation, Machine/Equipment On/Off operation

Programmable Astronomical Timer with Photo Sensor and Voltage Protection REV-302 multifunctional relay is a microprocessor based programmable device designed to energize/de-energize one or two loads within user set time intervals based on astronomical logic, yearly timer, weekly timer, daily timer, simple timer logics, circuit voltage (over & under voltage) and external photo sensor (illumination intensity) basis.

Specific features of REV-302:

  • Two potential free switching contact groups (two channels) of 16A @ 250V AC rated current
  • Power supply: 90 – 420V 50/60Hz AC, 100 – 300V DC or 8 – 30V DC battery
  • Time relay, voltage relay and photo relay combined or independent operation
  • Flexible contact switching control transfer between the voltage relay, the photo relay and time relay
  • 8 independent control programs and capability of swift transfer between them for each contact group
  • Common internal memory for 5000 independent events distributed between all programs for day/week/month/year mode depending on the mode selected
  • Option of controlling both terminal groups with a single program or independently with two seperate programs
  • 10 year calendar (RTC) standalone power supply
  • Astronomical, Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly time relay program
  • Independent timers settings lists for each program
  • Planned event clock accuracy of up to 1 second
  • Option for programmable holiday and day off list
  • Specific timer list execution for days off and holidays
  • Common built-in memory for 5000 independent timers distributed between all programs for day/week/month/year mode depending on the mode selected
  • Option of program cyclic repeat within a specified time interval
  • Automatic summer/winter time conversion
  • Pulse time relay function (periodic, calendar independent contacts close/open)
  • Function of plain contacts closure within a specified delay after energization
  • Contacts close/open based on minimum and maximum circuit voltage
  • Temporary delay for the after-energization relay start
  • Separate time delays for the voltage relay and the photo relay actions (for setting the reclosing time, etc.)
  • External photo sensor
  • LCD graphical display
  • Each channel status indication
  • PC connection USB interface
  • PC software with convenient graphical interface allowing to edit all relay settings and to create event arrays, or sunrise and sunset activated events
  • Multiple language interface
  • Menu control via 5 keys on the front panel
  • Loading preset control programs via USB with use of supplemental software
  • Password protection option for the settings menu
  • Common reset key on the front panel

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: REV-302
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Technical parameters:

AC voltage (terminals 7-8), V90 ÷ 420
DC voltage (terminals 7-8), V100 ÷ 300
Rated DC battery voltage (terminals 9-10), V, optional8 ÷ 30
Supply curcuit frequency range, Hz50/60
Internal fuseavailable
Max number of events5000
Clock error, sec/day, sec, not more then1
Clock standalone operation, when de-energized, years, no less than10
Setting accuracy, sec1
 Voltage tripping threshold setting accuracy, V1
 Voltage measurement  error, %,  not more then2
 Illumination intensity measurement error up to 200 lx, %,  not more then10
 Illumination intensity measurement error over 200 lx, %, not more then20
Minimum time for the time relay contacts switching, sec0,015
Minimum time for the voltage relay contacts switching, sec0,035
Minimum time for the photo relay contacts switching, sec0,1
Voltage lower tripping threshold setting range, Umin,V90-416, but not more then  Umax–dUmax
Voltage upper tripping threshold setting range, Umax,V94-420, but no less than  Umin+dUmin
Min voltage threshold hysteresis dUmin, V3 ÷ 9
Max voltage threshold hysteresis dUmax, V3 ÷ 9
Tripping delay for Uminfrom 0 sec to 19 min 59 sec
 De-energize tripping delay for Umax*from 0 sec to 19 min 59 sec
Load re-energization delayfrom 1 sec to 19 min 59 sec
Illumination level settings range, lux0 ÷ 9999
Illumination level settings hysteresis, lux0 ÷ 999
Action delay if illumination is lower than the threshold valuefrom 0 sec to 99 min 59 sec
Action delay if illumination is higher than the threshold valuefrom 0 sec to 99 min 59 sec
General delay after re-energizationfrom 0 sec to 99 min 59 sec
Load relay trip indicationavailable
Settings backup in case of circuit and standalone power supply failureavailable
Data memory, years, no less than10
Computer connectionUSB
Photo sensor cable length, m2
Distance between the device and the photo sensor, m, not more then20
Event logyear / month / week / day
Allowable humidity without condensate, %90
Protection degree:ІР20
Power consumption (under load), VA, not more then3,0
Weight, kg, not more then0,150
Dimensions, mm90 х 52 х 66
Operating temperature range, °Cfrom -20 to +55
Storage temperature, °Cfrom -35 to +70
Quantity of output relays (channels)2
Number and type of contacts per channel (changeover contacts)1P
Mounting:standard 35 mm DIN-rail
Mounting position:Any
* For fastest opening it is recommended to leave the parameter at «00 min 00 sec» value.

Output contacts specification:

сos ф

Max. current at
~ 250 V AC
Maximum powerMax. current at
U = 24V D.C.


16 А4000 VА16 А
0.44 A1000 VА



Output contacts commutation lifetime:

– mechanical life (times)

– electrical life 10А, 250V AC, times, no less than

– electrical life 10А, 24V DC, times, no less than

– electrical life 4А, 250V AC, (сos ф = 0.4 ), times, no less than


100 thousand

30 thousand

100 thousand

REV-302 complies with requirements:

IEC 60947-1:2004, ІDТ; ІEC 60947-6-2:1992, ІDT; CISPR 11:2004, IDT; IEC 61000-4-2:2001, IDT

No harmful substances in excess of the maximum permissible concentration is available.